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Pillow Block

Brand : FCS

Product origin : Jinan,China

Delivery time : one week

Supply capacity : 200000PCS/week

Long life Pillow Block

Pillow Block description

Pillow Block is a kind of large size and oversize bearing seat which can accept the comprehensive load and special structure, which has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance of the device. The bearing place must have the support point, the bearing's inner support point is the shaft, the outside support is often said the bearing block.
According to the different requirements of bearings and housings, the classification of housings is not exactly the same, when used in accordance with the design, carefully check the selection.
According to the shape of the housing classification:
1.1 Outer spherical belt bearings, also known as bearing units (SKF parlance). It is called the outer spherical bearing seat without bearing. The outer spherical bearing base is divided into 200 series according to the bearing 200 series. 500 series. 300 series. 600 series. Xoo series.
1.2 Outer spherical housings are divided into vertical seats (p seats) by shape, square block (f), rhombus block (fl), round seat (c), Convex pedestal (FC seat), Convex pedestal (fs), Dark Hole seat (PA), hanging block (FA).

1.3 integral type (i.e., non-separable) vertical bearing block block, bearing box cover with screw fastening. These vertical housing blocks were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but they can also be used in traditional vertical bearing block groups. Non-separable vertical bearing housings are more rigid than separate housings, and some can withstand heavier loads. The outer spherical housings also belong to the integral type seat.

Pillow Block

Pillow Block UCF

Pillow Block UCK

Pillow Block UCFLU

Pillow Block UCP

Pillow Block main series


Pillow Block model number

MaterialDimensions rangeSeries
cast iron pillow blockUCF203  UCF204  UCF205  UCF206  UCF207  UCF208...UCF320UCF
UCFL203  UCFL204  UCFL205  UCFL206  UCFL207  UCFL208...UCFL320UCFL
UCFL203  UCFL204  UCFL205  UCFL206  UCFL207  UCFL208...UCPA320UCPA
UCC203  UCC204  UCC205  UCC206  UCC207  UCC208...UCC320UCC
UCT203  UCT204  UCT205  UCT206  UCT207  UCT208...UCT320UCT
stainless steel pillow blockSP201  SP202  SP203  SP204  SP205  SP206...SP212SP
SF201  SF202  SF203  SF204  SF205  SF206...SF212SF
SFL201  SFL202  SFL203  SFL204  SFL205  SFL206...SFL212SFL
ST201  ST202  ST203  ST204  ST205  ST206...ST212ST
SFB201  SFB202  SFB203  SFB204  SFB205  SFB206...SFB212SFB
Thermoplastic pillow blockPPL204  PPL205  PPL206  PPL207  PPL208  PPL209...PPL212PPL
FL204  FL205  FL206  FL207  FL208  FL209...FL212FL
FPL204  FPL205  FPL206  FPL207  FPL208  FPL209...FPL212FPL
HA204  HA205  HA206  HA207  HA208  HA209...HA212HA
HPL204  HPL205  HPL206  HPL207  HPL208  HPL209...HPL212HPL
PA204  PA205  PA206  PA207  PA208  PA209...PA212PA
TBL204  TBL205  TBL206  TBL207  TBL208  TBL209...TBL212TBL
TPL204  TPL205  TPL206  TPL207  TPL208  TPL209...TPL212TPL
FBL204  FBL205  FBL206  FBL207  FBL208  FBL209...FBL212FBL
FC204  FC205  FC206  FC207  FC208  FC209...FC212FC
Zinc alloy pillow blockUP000  UP001  UP002  UP003  UP004  UP005  UP006  UP007UP
KP000  KP001  KP002  KP003  KP004  KP005  KP006  KP007KP
UFL000  UFL001  UFL002  UFL003  UFL004  UFL005  UFL006  UFL007UFL
KFL000  KFL001  KFL002  KFL003  KFL004  KFL005  KFL006  KFL007KFL

FCS bearings are best substitute for SKF FAG TIMKEN NSK NTN KOYO NACHI ASAHI bearing.

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