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Analysis of Causes for overheating of motor bearings and countermeasures

Electric machinery (English: Electric machinery, commonly known as "motor") refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate drive torque as a power source for electrical appliances or various types of machinery.

Bearing is an important component in contemporary machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement and ensure its rotation accuracy.

According to the different friction properties of the moving elements, the bearings can be divided into two major categories of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. The rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized, but its radial dimension, vibration and noise are larger and the price is higher compared with the sliding bearing.

Rolling bearings generally consist of four parts: the outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling elements and the cage. Strictly speaking, they are composed of six parts: the outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling elements, the cage, the seal, and the lubricant. In simple terms, as long as the outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements can be defined as rolling bearings. According to the shape of rolling elements, rolling bearings are divided into ball bearings and roller bearings.

Analysis of motor bearing overheating causes and countermeasures:

Common malfunctions


Method of exclusion

Assembly bearing is not reasonable

Misalignment when assembling the bearing causes the edges of the inner and outer rings of the bearing not to be on the same plane, and the end cover is uneven, resulting in bearing heating.

Smooth assembly ensures bearing assembly accuracy

Lack of oil and excessive oil

Long-term operation of the bearing, the internal lubricant gradually reduced, so that the lubricant is not enough to increase friction. The phenomenon of “scratching” and slight “bone tussle” when the bearing lacks oil can cause fever. If it is found early, it can be improved after refueling. If the oil is short, the bearings may be damaged. When adding a new oil, it is better to add two-thirds of the grease to the bearing. Too much lubricating oil makes the bearing chamber temperature high and the lubricating oil expands and heats up

The amount of oil should be reasonable, often check to prevent lack of oil or excessive oil, and check the quality of oil, avoid hard impurities

Over-tight belt or uneven coupling device

The belt is too tight and the coupling device is uneven, both of which increase the bearing load and generate heat. If the bearing does not generate heat during idling, the belt and the school coupling must be adjusted in order to increase the temperature during load. Because under normal circumstances when the idling bearing does not heat to turn with the load will not heat. In addition, the device is unbalanced, there is no alignment, the vibration when rotating, and the vibration will be heated when the vibration is severe.

Adjust the tightness of the belt in the device or adjust the level of the coupling to eliminate the vibration in the machine operation

Damaged bearing or long time of use

Damage to the bearing can cause overheating of the bearing over a long period of time

Replace bearing

Bearing wear

Sole carbon nanometer polymer material is quickly repaired

Bearing chamber wear

Bearing clearance between bearing and shaft

Bearing seat and bearing clearance increase, bearing outer ring rotation

The bearing position of the motor, the wear of the bearing chamber and the occurrence of fit clearance are a major factor in the bearing heating. At present, the main methods for repairing the bearing wear and bearing room wear of electric motors in China are brush plating, thermal spraying, and laser cladding. The appearance of these repairing technologies promotes the improvement and development of technological processes, and also due to complicated process conditions and on-site conditions. The environment is limited, especially in the face of equipment problems such as emergency emergencies, large equipment, and complex demolition. These processes are obviously more than sufficient.

Based on the above, the appearance and popularity of motor shaft bearing positions and bearing chamber (motor end cap) repair technology - Sole Industrial carbon nanometer polymer material repair technology has greatly opened up the idea and vision of equipment managers. Sorley technology originates from the United States and has always served the military and aeronautics. After being successfully introduced, it has played a major role in the field of in-service remanufacturing and high-end remanufacturing of equipment, especially in the context of high degree of automation of modern production companies and high requirements for continuous production, such as timely, rapid, low-cost, environmental protection, etc. Reflected a clear advantage.

Sole carbon nano-polymer technology:

Sower carbon nanometer polymer material is developed on the basis of advanced materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc. Each component material complements each other in performance, resulting in a synergistic effect, so that the overall performance of the composite material is superior to the original component material. With strong adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance, it is widely used in metal equipment for mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leaks, and repair of foundry sand pits, as well as various chemical storage tanks. Chemical corrosion protection and repair of reaction tanks and pipelines.

Sole technology advantages:

1, Sole carbon nanometer polymer material technology can be based on the actual working conditions of the shaft head wear different repair processes, such as: machining repair, mold repair, repair the relationship between parts, etc., in most cases can be achieved on-site repair;

2. Rotation speed below 1000 rpm can be repaired by on-site mold repair, four-side positioning method, using scraper grade repair and other disassembly-free repair process, reduce downtime and stop production, reduce labor intensity;

3, self-repair to improve the skills of front-line workers to make up for the economic losses of the company's outsourcing, so that the company's human resources to maximize the play;

4. The repair time is short. The first time repair ensures the normal operation of the equipment. It can reduce the inventory of the equipment very well. Sore can often be used to repair the equipment.

5. The service life exceeds the service life of new equipment in the case of 95% service life, which is 1/5--1/10 of the traditional repair cost;

6, there is no requirement for repair thickness, no stress;

7. In the case of high rotation speed, it can be repaired by machining, and the material can be processed by milling and milling machine.

8, the product continues to upgrade.

Sole scene repair motor shaft case show:

Air blower high-voltage motor YKK400-4, speed 1480r/min, bearing type 6326, journal 130mm, bearing width 60mm, wear diameter 1mm. The site was repaired by Soley's “Tooling Method” and the system was turned on after 3 hours of repairs.

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